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We were very lucky this October to have a bunch of artistic volunteers bring new life and colour to Spicy Villa bungalows.


Our funky van/bar is now more fun than ever and bound to brighten your day as you stop over for a drink and read the witty sayings that our volunteers came up with.

Some new signposts sprang up all over the place. Can there be such a thing as too many clever and informative signs? We don’t think so and if you think of one that’s missing, by all means let us know; we will put it up. Or why not make it yourself and leave a lasting imprint at Spicy Villa?


On top of this, our volunteers also added a fresh layer of paint to bungalows for guests and helped us build a brand new chicken coop which made our resident hens visibly upbeat. They were so happy in fact that they’ve upped their daily egg production and thus rewarded us with more fresh organic eggs to prepare delicious breakfasts with.


October was a great month for arts and crafts at Spicy Villa and now it’s time for you to for a visit and see the results of all the creative work.

As one of our signs says: Enjoy your Spicy time with us!

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