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Our volunteers worked very hard over the past week and helped us finish two projects:

  1. Covered meditation platform
  2. Water collection tanks

Meditation area project

We have built the meditation area on high stilts rising above the bungalows for amazing views over surrounding rice fields, forests and elephants from neighboring elephant camp. Spicy Villa Ecolodges now offer a perfect place for meditating, relaxing, Thai massage, or yoga with scenic views. After a day filled with activities, you can climb up on the platform and relish the serenity.

The entire platform is built using only local and natural materials and all hard work was done by hands. We also covered the platform with a roof of leafs to shelter you from the rains in the upcoming rainy season. We can’t wait for the rain to come so we can enjoy the sound of raindrops falling on the leafs while we breath in the fresh air!

Water collection project

The second project we worked on over the previous week are four water collectors which were finished just in time. We have a couple of hot, sunny days ahead of us that will dry the tanks and afterwards we will use them to collect the water from the river and rains. This water will be used for guest bathrooms and the tanks will enable stronger water pressure.

The tanks are made from concrete pipe parts and fixed with homemade cement. Fingers crossed that they will have time to completely dry before the rain.


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