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At Spicy Villa we are starting a new community project, a weekend English school which will be free for all children from surrounding villages. We will need continuous funding for teachers, furniture, learning material, and learning games. To ensure we have enough regular funds for the weekend English school, we will be making paper from elephant dung!

This is a great sustainable way of making paper, and the paper can be used to make cards, envelopes, notebooks, bags, wrapping paper, paper strings, and many more decorative and useful products. We will teach our guests, volunteers, and local villagers how to make elephant dung paper and have creative workshops to produce products from this paper. These products will be sold to our guests and all profits will be used for funding our weekend English school project.

And here is where we need your help: to start this creative project that will fund our weekend school, we need to purchase a mixer for elephant dung. This is the only component in the elephant dung paper making process that we cannot make by ourselves with available resources from our area. The mixer costs 350 USD and we are starting a fundraising to be able to buy it.

Your can donate any amount to our PayPal account here: 

 Any donation amount will be very appreciated and will bring us a step closer to achieving our goal.

You can read more about the process of making elephant dung paper in this link.

Thank you for supporting our community projects which give local tribal children better opportunities for their future!

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