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On the last day of 2014 we look back at amazing achievements, good times with our guests and volunteers, and feel proud of the work that we’ve done. It was a wonderful year in which we stayed true to our believes and worked hard on our goals as an environmentally friendly and socially responsible eco-lodges and tour providers.

We also look ahead to the new year coming, and think of how we can continue on our path and improve along the way. At this point we pledge to keep on protecting our environment, local customs and communities and to look for new ways of achieving these goals to an even greater extent.

The Spicy Villa crew sends good wishes for the coming year to all our new friends who visited us, learned from us, shared their knowledge and helped us. May you have another 365 days that bring you joy and love. May you discover new places, explore the world, and gain new understanding. May you stay as wonderful as ever and help us in our struggles to make this planet a kinder and greener place.

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