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An especially exciting weekend is behind us!

We got new inflatable canoes and canoeing equipment. Once everything was inflated, assembled and double checked, it was time to go to the river and give the new canoes a good test drive.

At the same time, this was a welcome opportunity for our guides to practice their canoeing skills and have a day of extra training. We also scanned the river for new and suitable canoeing paths and carefully selected some of varying difficulty levels.

Would you like to take the crazy river rapids head on and enjoy an exciting, adrenaline-filled adventure? We certainly found a great track for you!

Would you rather relax and slowly row down a calmer stretch of the river? We discovered the perfect track for you as well!

In no time at all, we already had our first guests on a canoeing trip – right on Monday after all the hard weekend work!

As expected everything ran smoothly and we were excellently prepared. Our guests had some amazing fun and left with unforgettable memories!

Would you like to join a canoeing adventure at Spicy Villa?

Here is how you can book canoeing with us:

  1. If you are booking one of our trips, you can request to add canoeing to your itinerary and we will let you know of the additional costs, depending on the tour you booked and the size of your group.
  2. You can request a custom itinerary for your stay at Spicy Villa and choose canoeing as one (or only) activity you would like to do.
Canoeing will be available at Spicy Villa for most of the year. Only in the hot season – March through April – we will not be able to guarantee this activity as river level drops considerably during these months, due to the lack of rain.


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