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Welcome to Spicy Villa Eco-Lodges!

Spicy Villas are simple, handmade bungalows, built of natural materials and surrounded by pristine nature with amazing mountain views. This is not a luxury accommodation, but it is a luxurious experience!

About Spicy Villa

Spicy Villa Eco-Lodges are not just accommodation

...but much, much more! We are responsible for local environment, local communities and for our guests!


Thank you dear guests for your great reviews on TripAdvisor! We have been awarded another Certificate of excellence for the year 2014! In our opinion the foundation of excellence is a personal touch and you are not just our guests, you are our friends.


Our bungalows are built in a traditional hut style, used by local villagers for centuries. If you choose to stay with us, you will get a unique chance to experience the authentic hill tribe way of life in a close connection with the surrounding nature.


We strive to reduce our impact on our surroundings by using natural and local materials, organic methods for farming, solar power for our electricity supply, growing our own fruits, vegetables and herbs to use in our dishes and collaborating with locals.


We support local communities through various programs such as our Share the Dream project. We set up schools where we teach local children English. We also provide locals with medical assistance and provide work for them by employing them.

Bungalows, trips, volunteer opportunities and charity projects

You can book a bungalow or a trip, volunteer with us or help us with out charity projects.

Private bungalow

Private bungalow with mountain view

Private bungalow with mountain view

Private bungalow features a comfortable king sized mattress, private bathroom and a veranda with a hammock. It is entirely hand crafted from locally sourced materials and offers head spinning mountain views. Book an authentic tribal living experience now!

Family bungalow

Cozy family bungalow

Cozy family bungalow

Family bungalow consists of two adjoining rooms, each with a king sized mattress and is great for families with children. It also has a private bathroom and a veranda with a hammock, perfect for relaxing and enjoying colourful sunsets and sunrises. Book a different stay for your family now!

Or have a look at all available accommodation options.

Elephant Experience

Fun elephant experience!

Fun elephant experience!

Are you an elephant lover? Do you want to spend time with elephants, learn about their lives, and go elephant riding? Go ahead and book a once in a lifetime experience! Or read more about this trip.

Two Days Lanna Adventure

Hiking in the countryside

Hiking in the countryside

Would you like to experience traditional northern Thailand but do not have a lot of time to spare? Book a crash course of northern Thai culture! Or read more about this trip.

Three Days Lanna Adventure

Visiting Karen village

Visiting Karen village

Get an in-depth experience of the Karen culture; home stay in Karen village, teach in the local school, work in the fields…and more! Book now or read more about this trip.

Work at Spicy Villa

Working on a pigsty

Working on a pigsty

We need hard-working volunteers who will work with their heart. There is plenty of work to be done and your tasks will be extremely varied. Go ahead and apply for this possition!

Teach English

Teaching through games

Teaching through games

We need volunteers to teach English to kindergarten kids at Huay Kao Leep village and to primary school children in Huay Hoy village. Go ahead and apply for this possition!

Medical volunteer

Karen lady

Karen lady

We need medical volunteers to offer medical assistant to local Karen villagers who aren’t able to go to a doctor because of remote location. Go ahead and apply for this position!

We run Share the Dream Project to collected resources and provide better education for tribal children and medical assistance for all villagers in the area.

There are three ways for you to help us collect funds and resources for local tribes:

1.) If you book accommodation and/or a trip with us, a part of our proceedings will go towards funding Share the Dream project.

2.) You can bring old items that you don’t need with you to Spicy Villa and donate them for our Share the Dream project.

3.) You can donate funds for Share the Dream project to our PayPal account.

Visit the donations page for more information.

News from Spicy Villa Eco-Lodges

Here is what we have been up to recently, have a look!

New meditation area and water collection tanks

Our volunteers worked very hard over the past week and helped us finish two projects: Covered meditation platform Water collection tanks Meditation area project We have built the meditation area on high stilts rising above the bungalows for amazing views over... read more

Elephant experience – a blog post from our guests

At the end of February this year a couple of professional photographers Becca and Mik joined us on elephant experience tour. They also run their own blog called Major departure where they write and post amazing photos from their adventures. They dedicated a post to... read more

Elephant experience – Video from our guests

We would like to share a wonderful video with everyone. This is a video made by two guests who stayed at Spicy Villa Eco-Lodges and also went on a tour with us. During the tour they visited a local elephant camp where they rode the elephants with no saddle and they... read more
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